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new and noteworthy

ALL OF ME . . . Well, all of me online, at least, can be found in one place on my Linktree. Use it to navigate to all of my different sites.


ON SOCIETY NINETEEN . . . On Society Nineteen, which covers contemporary authors writing about some aspect of 19th-century experience, we've a list of great author interviews and book reviews coming up. 

ART AND IMAGES . . . I'm posting new art pieces and natterings on my visual art blog periodically. Recent work includes book cover designs for various novels I love; digital collage portraits of Mary Anning, Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, and other remarkable creative women; and a series of beloved authors and artists reimagined as animals. 


REVIEWING . . .  My reviewing for Publishers Weekly continues to let me glimpse extraordinary books prior to their publication. Favorites over the past year or so include novels by Emily St. John Mandel, Lucy Jago, Maja LundeAlison MacLeod,  Ruth Gilligan,  Richard Flanagan,  Brian HallEmma Stonex, Paraic O'Donnell and Nancy Tucker

CLIENT WORK. . . I continue to do developmental reads and edits of books for clients including St. Louis's Write For You as well as individual writers. As always, it's an honor to be trusted by authors as they create, finish and polish their work.

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