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I am a writer, visual artist, consultant and teacher. Professionally, I work with authors to hone, publish and promote their book. My book reviews and author features appear regularly in Publishers Weekly and I run the online journal Society NineteenCreatively, I write both fiction and nonfiction, make digital collage, and craft jewelry inspired by authors and literature.


Though it employs varied media and forms, my art and writing most often explore themes of transformation, creativity, literature, art and artifacts, and women’s lives. I’m inspired by history, particularly that of the nineteenth century, but also by the opportunities and challenges of our own particular moment in time. I'm fascinated by houses and possessions both as material objects and as ways we construct, refract and test our identities. Whatever form it takes and whether it is done personally or professionally, my goal is always to make and help people make thoughtful, vivid, and meticulously crafted work that delights, inspires, and invites new insights. 

My professional history includes a BA in art history and English, a decade as a Wall Street investment marketing writer, an MFA in writing, a stint as an Ivy League MFA admissions director, and three years as the consulting editor of New York City’s Mayor’s Management Report. Along the way, I’ve helped inventory the glorious medieval artwork and not-so-glorious leftover monastery rocks of the Metropolitan Museum’s Cloisters branch, led hung-over stockbrokers on tours of Oklahoma oil wells, mediated between notable artists who hated virtually every MFA applicant portfolio and equally notable artists who loved virtually every MFA applicant portfolio, and had near-brawls over the best way to explain Manhattan rat infestations. 


As this suggests, I relish change and have an impractically low professional boredom threshold. The twenty years I’ve spent working with authors have allowed me to tackle new subjects and tasks without changing careers, a stability for which I’m increasingly grateful as I age. I work with clients in fields including art history, religion, business and health and in genres from mystery and literary fiction to family history and memoir. Whether they involve one book or many, I'm profoundly grateful that my client relationships are long-term bonds built on deep trust, bracing collaboration, and a mutual desire to get good work out into the world. I love the energy of speaking and teaching, and look forward to once again offering talks and classes on writing, journaling, and creativity once the restrictions of the pandemic ease.

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