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Recently on Society Nineteen, which publishes book reviews, interviews and other nattering related to writers and artists whose work relates to the 19th century: My interview with authors Jacek Dehnel and Pitor Tarczyński, who write fiction under the pen name Maryla Szymiczkowa,  about their first Zofia Turbotyńska mystery, Mrs. Mohr Goes Missing, set in 1895 homage to the fascinating British paleontologist Mary interview with author Ashley E. Sweeney, whose novel Answer Creek is a fictional account of a young woman west with the Donner party.

Upcoming on the journal, we've got interviews with authors Megan Chance, Gene Lee, Patricia Marcantonio, Chris Nickson, and Linda Stewart Henley among others; book reviews of novels by Samantha Silva and Norman Lock; and celebrations of pioneering women Anna Atkins, Charlotte Brontë, Emmeline Pankhurst, and Mary Wollstonecraft.  

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Some of my book reviews and recent appearances on podcasts and blogs....

On Publishers Weekly, I've reviewed Norman Lock's Tooth of the Covenant, in which Nathaniel Hawthorne pens a novel that sends his fictional proxy back to Puritan Salem, and finds that it's not easy to resist the times...Samantha Silva's Love and Fury, which finds Mary Wollstonecraft giving birth to her daughter-to-be Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley...Richard Flanagan's The Living Sea of Waking Dreams, in which an elderly Australian and possibly our Earth are dying...and Brian Hall's The Stone Loves the Worldin which a quirky family copes with the puzzles of math, astronomy, and human relationships.

On the Tart Words Podcast, I chat with Linda Gordon Hengerer about my first novel, One Hot Summer. We're also working our way through the novels of the late Mary Stewart one podcast at a time. For a full episode list, click here.

Over on Mary, Queen of Plots, I share a guest review and my cover art for Mary Stewart's This Rough Magic.

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I post new art and posts on process and inspiration regularly on my personal visual arts blog, For all recent posts and images, please click here. A few recent posts...

Picturing Mary Wollstonecraft: Recent reading inspired this image of one of the mothers of feminism—and also the mother of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, the author of Frankenstein.


Picturing Mary Anning: Celebrating the pioneering 19th-century British fossil hunter and paleontologist with digitized letters and drawings, string and fossil hammers.

Picturing Charlotte Brontë: My beloved Charlotte B stumped me visually. The solution involved (digital) ivy.

Pulp Fiction: Parenthesis Junkie: My adaptation of the cover of a 1953 pulp novel involves addiction to parenthetical information rather than a dependency on heroin. 

Mary Stewart book covers: A new series of book cover designs for the enduringly popular romantic suspense author. Design brief here was the question, would the heroine of this novel wear a dress made out of this print? You'll also find two other series of Stewart covers on the blog by scanning the menu in the right-hand sidebar.

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