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The brief text and evocative sepia images of Grief Country evoke the difficult but ultimately redemptive terrain of grief. Serene but never sentimental, it is a healing gift for those who are experiencing profound loss. Readers of all ages, situations, and religious beliefs will recognize their journey in its pages. A new edition of Grief Country will be published in June 2022; look for publication news and promotions on this site.

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Published by Simon & Schuster, the memoir Home Life explores the way we shape our homes and the way they shape us. Rich with personal and cultural history, the book was featured in Elle and Mirabella, excerpted in Glamour, praised by Booklist and  Publishers Weekly, and picked as an Editor's Choice book of the Chicago Tribune. Until the book is republished in 2022, you can find inexpensive used copies on and other sites. 

Published by Berkley Penguin Putnam under the pen name Suzanne Judson, Harper's Moon is set in the mountains of North Carolina. Publishers Weekly's starred review said, "With its strong characters, heartfelt emotions, beautiful courtship and convincing dramas, this is a romance that's everything a love story should be." A new edition of the novel will appear in 2022; until then you can sometimes find used copies on and other sites. 

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One Hot Summer, the comic romance novel that was Suzanne's first foray into fiction, was published by Harlequin and translated into seven languages. It's set in Key West and juxtaposes elements including love, antiques, volleyball, B&Bs, investment management, and of course—since it's a Harlequin—two scenes of steamy sex. It's still available as Kindle book in the Harlequin Treasury series; you can buy it on

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Photos revisit a moment from the past, inviting us to re-experience not just who and what is pictured but also the sensations of a particular time, place, and event. In Picturing My Mother, Suzanne explores the memories inspired by personal and family photos of her mom. Selections from a lifetime of pictures and brief, evocative essays celebrate the life a strong and loving woman and the invaluable lessons she left behind. The full-color softcover book can be purchased on

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Where do works of mystery fiction find their starting points? How are those seeds and inspirations transformed into a strong, compelling story? Collecting insights from both established authors and new voices and reflecting mystery moods from the cozy to the chilling, Stories of Inspiration: Mystery Fiction Edition charts the often surprising journey from an original point of departure to a finished mystery novel. Available to order from your favorite bookstore or for purchase on

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Edited by Suzanne and featuring a Preface by Eliot Pattison, Stories of Inspiration: Historical Fiction Edition offers fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses of how 39 authors from the U.S., U.K., and beyond  transform the first glimmer of an idea and a set of historical facts into a complete and compelling novel or story. Available to order from your favorite bookstore or for purchase on

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In every life, there is a transformational person, whose insights spark change and whose impact endures. Published as part of Suzanne's Stories of You anthology project, The Mentor That Matters shares sixty unique voices sharing the stories of the educators, leaders, family members, coaches, and role models who shaped their lives. It's go-to reading for those interested in human excellence, personal growth, or the trajectory of remarkable lives. Available to order from your favorite bookstore or for purchase on Amazon.

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